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Paulo Backes

Paulo Backes (1962) is a Brazilian photographer and landscape agronomist.
He designs and executes his own or group projects combining both his scientific and artistic background. As a landscape agronomist, he has worked designing gardens for urban homes. From 1996 to 2002, he worked in cooperation with José Lutzenberger on different environmental projects. Over the last decade, he has developed several  restoration and landscape design projects, including environmental parks for British American  Tobacco/Souza Cruz S.A. and Iberê Camargo Foundation. He is currently an environmental consultant for the Gaia Foundation and is working on landscape design projects in rural areas of the Pampas.
As artist, usually work with groups of artist, in inquiry and exibition projects.

Academic Background
1983 - B.S. in Agricultural Sciences, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil
1996 - Master of Science in Botany, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil

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